5 Pet Friendly Commercial Flooring Options

If you are a pet owner and are looking at commercial flooring options, you want to make sure that the building in general is pet friendly. On top of the building being pet friendly, you want to make sure that all of the commercial flooring in your building is also pet friendly. Flooring is a major concern for pet owners because animals can have negative effects on your commercial or residential flooring. Some of the effects pets can have on floors include shedding, any accidents they cause, nail scratching and tearing, and occasional excited behavior. Due to this you need to make sure that your floors are durable, stain resistant and easy to clean and/or sanitize. Below we talk about five different commercial flooring options that are the most pet friendly.

1) Ceramic Tile Flooring

The hard tile ceramic flooring option is a great choice when you need durability, stain resistance and easy-to-clean floors. Ceramic material is very strong so it will prevent your floors from breaking or cracking when handling any size of pet at your commercial residence. Additionally, the glass layer of ceramic over the surface helps prevent water or stains from penetrating the surface, and makes it very easy to clean up when an accident does happen.

2) Vinyl Flooring

This type of resilient flooring, vinyl floors, is a thin sheet of tiles. Since it has many similarities to plastic, it is resistant to water and stains, which in turn makes it very easy to clean. Animal claws will have a lot of trouble puncturing this surface and if your pet participates in unwanted behavior, it will be easy to clean up and sanitize afterwards.

3) Concrete Flooring

It is pretty typical that concrete flooring is one of the more inexpensive flooring choices. The concrete will need to be treated so that animals can frequently be on it without any harm to them. In order to do this you need to make sure that you apply the correct concrete sealer regularly.

4) Rubber Flooring

Rubber floors are commonly found in commercial locations where conditions are intense. Rubber is an all-natural material that is definitely liquid resistant and stain resistant. On top of that it is also a very durable commercial flooring option, specifically against any possible rips or tears. It is a comfortable flooring option for pets especially against their paws and for when they want to lay down.

5) Linoleum Flooring

Since linoleum flooring is a resilient flooring type and has high durability and stain resistance, it is a popular pick for commercial flooring options that will host pets. Not only is it an eco-friendly surface but it is also easy to clean and can deal with whatever wear and tear that animals bring along. It is also a popular commercial flooring option for pets because it is a lightweight and low impact type of flooring. Don’t be surprised if you find this type of flooring in most, if not all, kennels, vet offices and animal hospitals.

Commercial Flooring in New Jersey

If you are ever in need of any of these commercial flooring options in the New Jersey and New York area, visit us at Alite Flooring at our Pine Brook, New Jersey location. We offer a number of different commercial flooring options as well as residential flooring options that are friendly to your pets and family. If you want to learn more about our flooring options and our services, do not hesitate to contact us today at either our corporate office for commercial inquiries or our residential office for residential inquiries.

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