Alite Flooring is a full-service flooring finishes contractor with connections to every major vendor in the United States, and many abroad. We bid on any size, from single-family homes and small retail establishments all the way up to million-square-foot commercial and residential high-rises. Check out our KEY PROJECTS for more information on the range of our work.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring – be it engineered or solid, glued-down, nailed or floating – is our bread and butter. We’ve worked with nearly every manufacturer and vendor and have installed virtually every species that was ever conceived for use as a floor, and we understand the systems that go behind building a durable, beautiful, creak-free wooden floor.


When it comes to variations in materials, carpet is arguably even more multi-faceted than wood. There are infinite combinations of pile type, material, color, format and so on, but as with wood, we’ve handled them all and know all the major manufacturers. We’ll find what you’re looking for and get it on your floor.

Resilient Flooring and Base

We also sell and install all sorts of resilient flooring types. Whatever your project’s needs, be it an impact resistant rubber gym floor, vinyl composition tile for utility or work spaces, or luxury vinyl tile to add value and beauty to living areas, we’ve worked with it and can help you choose the right material for your job.

Specialty Finishes

Sometimes we run into interesting requests that only the most creative clients or designers can think of – and we make them a reality. Whether your project calls for a specialty material such as static-dissipative vinyl tile, anti-microbial sheet vinyl or a resinous membrane floor, or if you want to do something unusual, like install a hardwood backsplash or carpet your walls, we’ll figure out how best to do it for you.