What Are the Benefits of Area Rugs?

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If you have hardwood floors, you may have been curious about the idea of incorporating an area rug into your space. Deciding on investing in an area rug is a daunting task, especially when you already have beautiful flooring you want to show off. Below are the top five benefits of area rugs, and why you may want to consider incorporating them into your space.

Benefit #1: Area Rugs Add Warmth to a Room

Hardwood flooring is absolutely gorgeous – no question about it. However, when you have hardwood flooring throughout the entire home, it can get a little cold – both aesthetically and in temperature. An area rug is the perfect way to warm up your home without going full wall-to-wall with carpeting. When you put an area rug in a room, it will work to absorb heat much more than hardwood floors, perfect for the living room or bedroom. Area rugs add so much warmth that some homeowners’ claim they have lower electricity bills in the winter! It also aesthetically adds warmth, making a room appear more comfortable and homey.

Benefit #2: Area Rugs are Great if You Have Children

If you have children, or if children regularly frequent your home, you probably installed hardwood flooring in part to make it easy to clean up their messes. For young children, you are going to want a softer area for them to sit when playing or relaxing. An area rug is perfect for this because it allows for some comfort on the ground, without compromising your overall design. This gives kids a little cushion for romping around and reduces their chances of getting hurt.

Benefit #3: Carpet Will Reduce a Room’s Echo

Is your home giving off too much of an echo? An area rug can help you combat this, without giving up your beautiful hardwood flooring. The rug will absorb sound so that you experience less of an echo within your home. A large area rug will do just the trick in containing the noise within each room for optimal home acoustics.

Benefit #4: The Rug Can Guide the Design of a Room

Are you one of those people that have a hard time deciding on the overall design of a room? An expert tip is to start a room’s design by picking out an area rug you absolutely love. This can be the guiding piece for the type of furniture and décor you place throughout the room. If you are ever unsure about where to move forward with your décor, always refer back to the rug! You also can use an area rug to tie together a room and give it a finished and polished look.

Benefit #5: Easy Way to Change the Feel of a Room

It is easy to get tired of your home design. A new coat of paint, new flooring, updated furniture and all new décor will absolutely change the feel of your room. However, for less of a financial investment and commitment, an area rug could be the answer to your interior design woes. Rather than change your entire room, try incorporating an area rug to see how it changes up the space.

Learn More About Your Flooring Options

There are tons of interesting ways an area rug can completely transform and benefit your space. If an area rug is not enough to fix your flooring problems, then contact Alite Flooring. Alite Flooring is New Jersey’s leading floor supply company. Our experts will help you decide on the perfect flooring to revamp your space, offering an extensive selection of carpet, hardwood, vinyl and laminate materials in various styles and colors. We look forward to seeing you and helping you creates a beautiful home space.

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