A Popular Trend for Your Residential Flooring  

Unfinished hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular over time, and for good reason: With a simple installation process and room for complete customization to your liking, it’s a clever flooring solution that most homeowners can agree on. Once installed, the sanding, staining and finishing are completed, providing the ultimate look for your residential flooring.


The Benefits of Unfinished Flooring

Some homeowners might prefer prefinished flooring to unfinished – but the truth is, there are so many advantages to unfinished flooring, making it almost impossible to pass up. For starters, unfinished floors allow you to see, and completely appreciate, the natural beauty of the wood, which is something that our clients opt for if they prefer a more rustic, minimalist look for their place of residency. Since unfinished flooring is exactly the way it sounds – unfinished and untouched – it also gives you the ability to work with a fresh set of wood that you are able to customize any way you’d like; our clients are encouraged to choose from the stains, species, and hues that we offer to further create the unfinished flooring of their dreams. Another beneficial aspect of unfinished flooring? It’s super easy to refinish thanks to the fact that it’s solid, raw wood – which also means that you won’t have to worry about blending and working around any old layers of previous finishes and stains. Larger wood plank widths, moisture protection, and easy repairs are even more reasons to go with the unfinished flooring in your home.


Our Amazing Selection of Manufacturers

As any great floor covering firm can attest to, your selection of products is only as good as the manufacturers who supply them. That being said, at Alite Flooring, we simply work with the best of the best. Here’s a list of everyone who makes our unfinished flooring that is provided for you, in a wide variety of colors, species and finishes:

  • E. Sampson
  • American Heart Pine
  • Buchanan
  • Graf Brothers
  • Grayson Millworks
  • Greenleaf Wood Floors
  • Lacrosse Flooring
  • Middle Tennessee
  • Oakcrest
  • Real Wood Floors
  • RQ Floors
  • Hassel & Hughes
  • Holt & Bugbee
  • Taylor Lumber
  • Ten Oaks
  • Turman
  • Timberline
  • Shenandoah Plank
  • Sheoga
  • Springcreek
  • Stoehr Flooring
  • W.D. Flooring


Available Types of Finishes for Unfinished Flooring

As previously mentioned, it’s up to our clients to choose exactly which type of wood species and finishes they will ultimately want for their unfinished flooring – a process that we are more than happy to oversee, and provide insight on if need be. Although there are a lot of different finishes available, the three most popular that work well with unfinished flooring are:

  • Water Based Urethane:Quick to dry – ranging from 2 to 8 hours per coat – water based urethane is an odorless stain option. Since it doesn’t bring out many colors, this is great for those clients who truly want to keep the look of their natural, unfinished flooring.
  • Solvent Based Polyurethane: Oil-based finishes can take as long as 24 hours to dry between coats, and have a strong odor. These are small prices to pay, though, since solvent based polyurethane enhance almost every color and provide a thick finish.
  • Moisture Cured Urethane: Known well for its long-lasting benefits and durability, moisture cured urethane takes 8 to 16 hours to dry. It’s available in gloss, satin sheen and semi gloss, providing clients with the highest quality of stain.


Schedule a Consultation to Install Unfinished Flooring  

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