Residential Flooring

The Perfect Flooring for Your Home

As every homeowner knows, it’s only natural to take pride in the homes in which we reside. The flooring inside those homes is no different. Our residential flooring services at Alite Flooring provide each one of our clients with a pristine, fresh look to their home, and allow them to choose from a variety of flooring types.

The Residential Flooring Advantage

Because residential flooring doesn’t need to withstand as much foot traffic as a commercial floor would, the homeowner is able to focus on color, style and comfort – as opposed to other, less aesthetic-related qualities. Because of this, those who are purchasing residential flooring are offered more colorful, trendier options – something that is especially true when it comes to carpeting. One of the most noteworthy advantages of getting residential flooring? It costs far less than commercial flooring, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Residential Flooring Types

We offer several different types of residential flooring, which are unique in their appearance, materials and overall feel. The following are the main types of residential flooring we are proud to have at Alite Flooring:

  • Prefinished: One of the newer additions to the hardwood flooring industry, prefinished floors are ready to be utilized as soon as the installation is complete. You can order prefinished flooring in a number of finishes, colors and species.
  • Laminate and vinyl: Laminate wood flooring, laminate tile flooring and luxury vinyl tiles have all the appeal of an elegant flooring material, with a much easier installation process and even more durability.
  • Custom flooring: We work with a set amount of prestigious suppliers to bring our customers a long list of customizable wood flooring options, satisfying every stylistic taste and practical need.
  • Unfinished flooring: An unmatched selection of unfinished flooring, we have so many domestic hardwood and exotic hardwood species to choose from. Our flooring distributors can provide you with affordable and unique options, from hickory to birch and everything in between.

Schedule an Appointment with Alite Flooring

A trustworthy floor-covering firm based in Pine Brook, New Jersey, we have been serving our satisfied customers for over 20 years. Because we understand the importance of residential flooring, we encourage you to contact our office at 973-556-4170 for more information. If you’d like to check out any of our residential flooring types, you can also inquire about visiting our showroom. We look forward to hearing from you!