When it comes to variations in materials, carpet is arguably even more multi-faceted than wood. There are infinite combinations of pile type, material, color, format and so on, but as with wood, we’ve handled them all and know all the major manufacturers. We’ll find what you’re looking for and get it on your floor.

Carpet Flooring Services

Carpeting is an all too often underestimated flooring material – its softness provides comfort, while the texture is easy to vacuum and maintain. Since we have worked with all the major manufacturers for over twenty years, our dedicated team is able to provide all customers with access to a handful of carpeting types, and provide insight and advice regarding the installation process.

Advantage of Carpets

There are quite a few reasons why carpeting is so beneficial to a home or business owner, which make us even more proud to offer the flooring type to our valued clientele. Because carpeting comes in a variety of colors, patterns and styles, you can match it with any type of décor or design, making it an easy way to decorate all interiors. Another advantage of carpeting is it’s a much safer flooring option, as opposed to hard surfaces that are easier to slip and fall on.

Quality Carpet Materials

While wood flooring provides a multitude of options, carpeting comes in a close second, as far as material combinations go. There is almost no end to the possibilities our customers can choose from in regards to pile type, material, color and format. At Alite Flooring, we provide our customers with a wide selection of these carpeting category types, and make sure that we match your carpet with your specific needs, desires and requests. We are also able to educate our loyal clients on the most effective ways to take care of their new carpeting, in the form of preventative maintenance, spot and spill removal, do-it-yourself care and overall cleaning.

Affordable Carpet Installation

At Alite Flooring, we are sure to walk every customer through our carpet installation process – including tips and tricks for before and during the installation. Prior to the installment of your carpet flooring, we advise that a client takes care of any interior wall painting throughout the room in which the carpet is being placed, as this lessens the chances of stains forming on the new flooring. We also suggest moving the furniture in time before our arrival, and measuring door clearances before we install the carpet; since certain types of carpeting are thicker than others, the door bottoms may rub on top of the new carpet.

 Carpet Services in New Jersey

If you’re a home or business owner who is interested in learning more about our carpet flooring services, please feel free to contact our Pine Brook, New Jersey office at 973-575-5005. We are proud to offer our real-world experience and extensive resources for your next project, regardless how big or small.