What Flooring Options Are Best for Your Home?

There is no other home renovation choice that can make as much of a dramatic impact on your home as the beautiful effects of updated flooring. The right flooring for your home will depend largely on the number of people living in your home, whether you have pets, what kind of look you are trying to achieve and the budget you have in mind for the project. Below is an easy guide you can use to help you decide which flooring options are best for your home.

For the Pet Owner

Many homeowners in the United States have more to worry about than humans on their floors. If you are a pet owner, you are going to want to make some special considerations when it comes to your flooring options. Carpet should be avoided because it is difficult to remove pet stains. The same goes for natural hardwood floors, as pets will damage them over time. For homes with pets, we highly recommend a vinyl or laminate flooring because it will offer the style of hardwood floors while staying true to its durability. Another option is tile or stone flooring, which will offer additional durability. All of these recommended flooring options for homes with pets are easy to clean and will offer the longest life within your home.

To Achieve Comfort

If stone and hardwood flooring is too hard and cold on your feet in the morning, then you definitely want to select a carpet. With carpet, homeowners can choose from a wide range of lengths, colors and styles to find the best to suit their home. Carpet can absolutely be incorporated into your overall flooring design. For example, you may choose to incorporate carpet floorings in your bedrooms and closets, and then another hard flooring option for higher-traffic areas in the home. With the vast colors and styles available, carpet allows homeowners to truly customize their space with a warm and comfortable material.

For the Budget-Conscious

If budget is high on your list of priorities, we always recommend going with a vinyl or laminate flooring option. Most customers do not realize how much vinyl and laminate flooring has improved over the past 20 or so years. While still much less expensive than genuine wood flooring, vinyl and laminate options come in the same styles and colors to mimic the appearance of wood. Those also are more durable, allowing for easier maintenance over time.

For a One-of-a-Kind Look

Want something unique from anything you will find in a store? You will definitely want to consider a custom flooring option. Custom flooring is built to suit the unique requirements of your space. When deciding on custom flooring, you will work with a designer to determine the exact look and feel you desire for your space. Then the flooring experts will work to make that vision a reality. You also can choose to buy unfinished wood, which can be sanded and stained to your preferences after installation.

For Prepping Your Home to Sell

If you are considering selling your home in the future and are looking to add direct value to your property, we recommend quality wood flooring. Wood flooring is a timeless look that will last throughout the years. While it requires some maintenance and care, wood flooring is much easier to clean than carpeting. With the proper maintenance, hardwood floors will last a lifetime and add a ton of value to your home.

Secure the Perfect Flooring for Your Home

Are you ready to update your old and outdated flooring? Whether for a home or a business, Alite Flooring is here to help you pick out the perfect flooring type to meet your unique needs. We understand the complexities in each of our customer’s home and work to find the perfect flooring solution based on our customer’s wants and needs. With a large selection of products and budget-friendly alternatives, Alite Flooring is the trusted flooring company in New Jersey and New York. Contact us today to learn more.

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