5 Ways to Save Money on Carpet Cleaning

Having carpet in one or more of your rooms is very common in homes across the nation. This leads to a business of carpet cleaning because it is unlikely that your carpets will stay perfectly clean forever. If you would rather save money on your carpet cleaning with a do-it-yourself approach, review the tips listed below.

1) Make Sure to Vacuum Often

If you do not vacuum your carpet often, the dirt and dust can get into the fibers of the carpet. This can also happen if you do not vacuum quickly enough. The more often you vacuum your carpet, the less you will need a professional carpet cleaner, which in turn saves you money.It is also recommended to do a hot water extraction every 12 to 18 months, but if you are to maintain your carpet well you can hold off every two years and cut your costs even more.

2) Spot Cleaning Can Help

There are times when your carpet is in good shape but there are certain spots where some dirt or a stain is present. In this case, instead of getting the whole carpet cleaned you can simply do a spot cleaning on your own. This will effectively extend the time between full carpet cleanings. We recommend using water and a little dish detergent on the stains, and blot it with paper towels or a rag until the stain or spot is removed.

3) No Shoes Means Less Dirt

Another option to cut your carpet cleaning costs is to try and enforce a no-shoes policy for the rooms you have carpets in. This can be a huge help because shoes and other footwear hold a lot of dirt that transfers into your carpet. A no-shoe policy is another option that can extend the time between your last and next professional carpet cleaning. An additional benefit to a no-shoe policy is that footwear in general will wear and tear your carpet, so going barefoot will best preserve your flooring in the long run.

4) Focus On the Traffic Areas

For the most part, carpets only get dirty in high traffic areas. There are places of the carpet, usually covered by furniture, which you don’t have to focus on deep cleaning as much as these highly trafficked areas. Traffic areas are the places of the carpet where you and your family and friends walk most often. Many professional carpet cleaners will give you a discount to only clean the high traffic areas and not move any of the furniture, helping you save money.

5) Remove or Replace Your Carpet in New Jersey

There may come a point where you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of your carpet. An option for not wanting to deal with the expensiveness of long-term carpet maintenance is to switch over to tile or wood flooring. Wood and tile floors can last forever. At Alite Flooring in Fairfield, New Jersey, we not only install, replace or remove your carpets, but we also offer wood flooring installation for your home or office. We also offer other flooring services to meet all of your flooring needs. If you want to learn more about Alite Flooring, visit our website or contact us today!

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