4 Tips for Removing Paint Stains

How to Safely Get Rid of Paint Stains From Hardwood Flooring

Painting is a tedious, hard task that is often underestimated – especially if you’ve decided to skip out on the handyman and do the job yourself. Between cleaning the entire room, spackling every wall’s crack and crevice, selecting the correct paint types and finally getting the entire job done, the process takes quite a bit of effort, skill and patience. When you choose to DIY, though, there is always the overwhelming possibility of paint dripping onto your flooring – which is especially tough to fix if you have hardwood. If you’ve got a similar situation on your hands, try out these four beneficial tips that flooring professionals promise will get rid of the paint stains:


1.    Use a heat gun.

Sometimes the best remedy for fixing a blemish or stain on your hardwood flooring calls for a tool that you’d never imagine using, like heat guns – home maintenance equipment that emit streams of hot air. Pointing the heat gun as closely as possible to the paint stain, use a putty knife to carefully scratch away at the hardened paint at the same time. The closer the heat gun is to the stain, the softer the paint will become, making it even easier to get rid of. Wipe the area with a wet cloth or rag when finished.


2.    Apply a solvent.

As great as heat guns are, they don’t always get the job done – especially when it comes to peskier paint stains that won’t seem to budge. Fortunately, another simple way to get rid of a paint stain comes in the form of a solvent. After checking with an expert on exactly which brands and solvents are the most effective, use a damp rag to wet the floor. If the finish on the floor feels too soft, try using rubbing alcohol instead. Make note that latex paint remover is great for taking away latex paint stains, but Mineral Spirits is one of the safest brands to use on a hardwood floor and should be used with caution.


3.    Scrape it away.

For those paint stains that (thankfully) haven’t dried enough to become completely hardened, you usually can just scrape it off of your hardwood floors. Similar to the heat gun process, using a putty knife is the most ideal tool to get the job done quickly and successfully. First, place the putty knife onto the top of the hardened paint stain. Carefully tap it with a hammer to break up the stain. Don’t worry, it won’t damage your hardwood floor. In the event that a paint stain is settled between gaps in a pair of floor boards, use a pull scraper to remove it from each side. Paint stains that reside in wood grain depressions can be removed the same way.


4.    Try a sander.

More extreme paint stains require an equally extreme removal method. If the paint stain on your hardwood floor seems next to impossible to eliminate, try using a sander. You can rent this powerful tool from a home improvement store, or ask an expert where to find one and how to properly use it. Always be sure to wear a face mask, as sanding the paint stain away will cause a ton of dust particles to arise from the flooring. Once the paint stain is effectively removed, use a handheld sander to create a smooth finish to your hardwood floor surface.


Following these four tips for removing paint stains is a stress-free way to salvage your beautiful hardwood flooring. If you’d like a little more help, or need to find a floor-covering firm that will help you install hardwood flooring in more rooms of your home or business, be sure to contact Alite Flooring at 973-575-5005, or via e-mail at Info@AliteFloor.com. We’ve been serving our clients for over 20 years, and would love to assist you in your next flooring project.

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